Perfect wedding destinations for the couples that are obsessed with nature

We are on a “Break the Cliches” train since quite some time now and the next stop on the list is Destination Wedding Land. Yes, yes we love destination weddings, but have you ever thought of places other than Udaipur and Jodhpur? How about a destination wedding that takes place in abundance of nature? Imagine a quaint place away from the city’s hustle and bustle..a place that fills you up with joy every minute that you are there! We narrowed down 6 such places in India that are great for an outdoor destination wedding in the laps of nature!

1. Grape County, Nashik

One word- WINE! Grape County is a beautiful vineyard and eco farm  in Nashik. This serene place is great for a destination wedding when near and dear ones are involved. If you get tired, you can always drown yourself into some wine! It is at an arm’s distance after all!

  1. The Lake Forest Hotel, Naukuchiatal

If you love lakes and trees like I do, you have to take a look at The Lake Forest Resort in Naukuchiatal. Naukuchiatal is beautiful as it is, add this resort and you’ve got yourself a stunning wedding location!

  1. Riverview Retreat, Jim Corbett

Brooks, clear skies, trees and a nature high perfectly describes The Riverview retreat in Jim Corbett. Comfortably nestled in the arms of the national park, this venue will never disappoint you!

  1. Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala

The Kumarakom Lake Resort is famous for the abundant lush green and stunning backwaters. Who will say no to such a beautiful place! It is a sinful luxury that you can’t refuse!

  1. J.W. Marriott, Mussoorie

Thanks to Ruskin Bond we all are well versed with the quaint coffee shops and hills of Mussoorie. J.W. Marriott Walnut Grove in Mussoorie is the perfect mix of luxury and nature. It is a great place for you to hold your destination wedding, I guarantee you that!

  1. Orange County, Coorg  

Coorg, the coffee cup of India is one of the most laid back places in the country. The Orange County or Evolve Resort has a charm of its own! Tropical forests and thick aroma of coffee will envelope you the minute you step in!

Beautiful places for destination weddings, aren’t they?

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